With the acquisition of Mastix Medica, GelStat has transformed itself into a vertically-integrated healthcare organization with research, development, manufacturing, marketing, and branding capabilities.  Most importantly a proprietary process to manufacture the highly sought after CBD infused gum and lozenges.

In addition to GelStat’s unique brands and formulations, Mastix Medica (a wholly owned subsidiary) specializes in the manufacturing of tableted products in a variety of dosage forms for a diverse customer base, and for domestic and international markets.  These products include tableted chewing gum, chewable tablets, lozenges, mints and candy for a wide variety of customers including national brand leaders, small niche marketers, the U.S. Military, export customers and many more.  Product capabilities include dietary supplements, functional chewing gum, functional foods and confectionery, medicated confectionery and candy. 

Mastix Medica was created in 2009 by a pharmaceutical industry executive with the goal of developing niche healthcare products (supplements and pharmaceuticals) in underutilized, emerging dosage forms like tableted chewing gum, chewable tablets and lozenges.  Using an in-house product development team, Mastix Medica develops custom tablet formulations that incorporate dietary supplements for companies competing in a variety of markets, including energy, immune support, weight loss and dental, just to name a few.  Developing our own niche, generic pharmaceutical products is a longer term goal for us.