Mastix Medica currently produces tableted supplement and confectionery products for many companies across a diverse industry spectrum.  Operating from a 28,000 square foot facility just north of Baltimore in Hunt Valley, Maryland, we manufacture tableted products to your specifications in a Kosher certified (Star-K), allergen-free and quality-driven GMP-compliant manufacturing environment.

Chewing Gum – Direct Compression Tablets

Tableted chewing gum makes using our proprietary direct compression process a better delivery mechanism for active ingredients and supplements than conventionally manufactured chewing gum.  We are the only company that makes its own powdered gum, which allows us to custom formulate a compressed gum product that meets our customers’ requirements – and we develop it quickly.

Chewing gum products have many advantages versus other oral dosage forms:

  • Fast acting: many times faster absorption than tablets or capsules
  • Convenient and discreet: does not require any liquid for swallowing
  • Widely acceptable and very familiar to consumers
  • High bioavailability of ingredients:  avoid hepatic first pass metabolism
  • Increased compliance in people with swallowing difficulties like children

Chewing gum products made using direct compression tableting offers significant advantages over conventionally manufactured gum products made using an extrusion process:

  • Active ingredients released faster
  • Active ingredients remain active unlike extrusion products that use high heat during the process which can inactivate the actives
  • High content uniformity of active ingredients and supplements from tablet to tablet

Tableted Supplement Capabilities

Mastix Medica has the ability to develop a range of specialized tablet products using its unique oral delivery systems.  Among the items we can produce are vitamin-enhanced or supplement-enhanced chewing gums and specialized tablet products.  We have an in-house professional project management team to take your product from concept to final production.  We provide fast turnaround on custom formulations and specialize in developing challenging formulations that include dietary and nutritional supplement ingredients.  Please contact us if you need chewable tablet or lozenge manufacturing – we are experts in taste masking and flavor improvements.

Confectionery Capabilities

Mastix Medica is one of the largest contract manufacturers of promotional and energy mint products in the United States.  We have a number of in-stock promotional mint designs that can be produced for customers at any time.  Custom flavors, sizes and shapes can also be created to meet a customer’s requirements.  Imagine what you want, then let us make it a reality.


What do you want?  Bulk tablets?  Done.  Bulk packages?  Done.  Finished product?  Done.  Mastix Medica wants to give you what you need.  Our goal is to provide a high level of customer satisfaction that appeals to your business.


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Click HERE to submit details regarding the project you would like us to work on.  We have many customers who have us manufacture private label gum products for them based on either our formula or theirs – so call to have us make your product.