Chewing Gum with Hemp Oil - Cannanbidiol (CBD)

Cannanbidiol (CBD) – NEW!

Mastix Medica has formulated a chewing gum product with hemp oil which is rich in cannabidiol (CBD).  We are also able to make a lozenge or a chewable tablet with hemp oil.  We are probably the only chewing gum manufacturer that can incorporate an ingredient like hemp oil into a piece of chewing gum since our proprietary manufacturing process is very specialized to accommodate a unique active like hemp oil.

Customers must have their own source of hemp oil that meets all US GMP, FDA and DEA regulations (very low THC content).

Mastix Medica has a unique proprietary process for incorporating hemp oil into chewing gum, lozenges and chewable tablets.

We manufacture the only chewing gum with hemp oil on the market; more hemp oil gum and lozenge products are coming in the near future.

Mastix Medica will only use hemp oil that has very low THC; the hemp oil we use is rich in cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD has seen increased awareness recently about its potential to improve general health and wellness (This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Any hemp oil product we make is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease).

If you would like a gum, lozenge or chewable tablet product developed incorporating your hemp oil, please contact Bob Estey (410) 316-1080 x100 or