Manufacturing Overview

Leading the Way in Unique Tableted Products

Mastix Medica manufactures a diverse family of tableted products in different dosage forms and for different markets.  These products are Kosher certified (Star-K), allergen-free and made in a quality-driven GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) environment as required by U.S. regulations.  We have our ingredients and products independently tested and verified by a third-party laboratory.  We will custom formulate a product and contract manufacture and package it for you or you can private label one of our already formulated products.      

Mastix Medica is one of very few companies in the world that has the ability to make functional chewing gum products.  Our functional gum is made using unique proprietary know-how of adding active ingredients to a powdered gum base and then tableting a chewing gum using direct compression thus making a product that has content uniformity from piece to piece.  Unlike other companies, we are the only company that manufactures its own powdered gum base using a proprietary process.  This process allows us the flexibility to create custom formulations.  Conventional gum manufacturers use a high temperature extruded process that can kill many active ingredients, which may result in a sub-potent final product.  Our gum is manufactured under GMP conditions at room temperature so the actives are fully available in the final product.

Some of the significant advantages using a direct compression tableted chewing gum are:

  • Fast absorption – many times faster than conventional dosage forms
  • Convenient and discrete – no liquid required
  • High bioavailability of active ingredients – avoids first pass metabolism in stomach and liver
  • Fast release of supplements and actives
  • Ingredients not exposed to high heat during manufacturing, which can render active ingredients inactive
  • High content uniformity

Our in-house formulation team works with customers to create unique products so let Mastix Medica develop a product for you that will surpass your competitors in originality, effectiveness and taste!